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Artificial sand making machine is used for making mechanism sand in the artificial sand making plant. DSMAC has supplied the high efficiency sand making machine with lower price in India as well as in other countries: South Africa, Indonesia, Tanzania, the Philippines, Pakistan, Russia, KZ, Ethiopia, Uganda, Mongolia, Brazil, USA, Chile, Peru, UK, etc.

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Artificial sand making machine designed by DSMAC is of the special technical parameters, for it is designed especially for sand making plant. Our artificial sand making machine has the feature of higher quality, high efficiency, big crushing ratio, good reshaping, lower cost, etc. The artificial sand making machine is the indispensable equipment for sand making plant, precisely because of its big crushing ratio and good reshaping characteristics. The sand making machine users who have invested the sand making plant have the high requirements on the final sand quality, therefore the sand making machine designed by DSMAC customized the best sand making machine to meet our customers’ demand.

In the artificial sand making plant, artificial sand making machine with reasonable price is used for finer crushing in the third crushing stage. For the primary crushing stage, there still is jaw crusher for sale, and secondary crushing stage uses cone crusher or impact crusher. There is also the feeding and screening equipment for sand making process, just like the other stone crushing line.

DSMAC is professional artificial sand making machine manufacturer and exporter with more than 16 years’ experience. We not only supply you the high efficiency artificial sand making machine with lower price, but also provide you the best after-sale service.


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